4 Strategies to Maximize Winnings From Roulette

The joy of playing any online casino is the reward and winnings too. When it comes to games of luck, roulette has gained popularity, offering convenience and maximum choice for discerning players. But roulette isn’t a 100% game of chance. There are plenty of strategies out there that can surely increase your odds of winning. Let’s focus on the four main approaches.

Budget Appropriately

There is always one rule in casino gambling: don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. And this is a mistake many people are prone to, staking a lump of cash to recoup their losses. The idea is to set your budget aside and not gamble all your money. This is the primary key for any successful roulette gambler on the Zodiac casino site. Otherwise, you will end up losing everything.


Culture has it: practice makes perfect. Whether you are playing checkers, chess, or any other game, it is always a good idea to take some practice. This will improve your game and increase your chances of winning.

It is advisable to go for the sites that offer free roulette before deciding to play for cash. Yes, because this will help you familiarize yourself with the rules of the game before opening your wallet.

Consider Playing European

There are two main roulette variants – American and European. The only difference between them is that the former has two green zero segments, and the latter features one.

There is no doubt that both games provide the same odds. But because the American game offers an additional segment, this lowers the probability of getting right (2.6% as opposed to 2.7%). Of course, the difference is negligible, but that little can help. So, it is a good idea to go for European roulette.

The Martingale Winning Strategy

You may have heard of it. Martingale is one of the best winning tricks that are simple and easy to understand. Just double the stake of your previous bet until you win. The idea is that when you finally win, you will get everything you have lost plus the value of your initial stake. The trick mostly works when playing the colours.

For instance, let’s say you start betting with $10 black, and you lose. Applying the Martingale system, double your next stake to $20 and play black again. And if you lose, double the size to $40, and so on. If you win on a bet of $40, you will get $80. And this will recover the $70 you lost, putting you up with $10.

It is impossible to guarantee to win each time you play roulette. But the above strategies can surely help any roulette player hedge losses and maximize the winnings.


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