Easterjesus Productions AKA Max Boss and Stine Omar came by the BCR studio a couple of months ago and made us a delicious salad live on air mixed with an ambient playlist and presented songs from their latest album. We then met up again deep in Berlin’s north district Wedding, where Easter and Papi live, for a photo shoot. Yesterday evening Easter premiered season 1 Pilot & Episode 2 of SADNESS IS AN EVIL GAS INSIDE OF ME, a serial drama/soap written by Stine Omar and directed by Max Boss. The event quickly sold out and received an ovation from the full room of Moviemiento cinema on Kottbuser Damm. Episode 1 was a slow burning variation on teenage anxiety and Episode 2, at half the length, focussed more on more humor and puns. Both were beautifully shot and edited, including hilarious spoof ads. To paraphrase Web2.0 - if you like Twin Peaks, you might like SADNESS IS AN EVIL GAS INSIDE OF ME. 


"2014's TV series Sadness is an Evil Gas Inside of Me by Berlin based producer duo Stine Omar and Max Boss is a serial drama centered around two groups of people in a timeless, unknown place and their dealing with the arrival of a stranger. It holds tangled interpersonal situations and melodramatic or sentimental treatment."

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