Every other Wednesday on Berlin Community Radio, Xosar and Torn Hawk come together with a selection of hardware to play live music and make radio as Body Tools - their new collaborative project through which they are about to release their first 12". 



Your first release ‘Tropical Cruize’ had such a refined and matured sound, how long had you been experimenting with music before it  got to this point?

My first release was created by all my boyfriends, future and past. Through my occult practices I have developed the ability to inhabit an out-of-time plane where I can summon figures from my past and future life, to ask advice, clarify history, focus goals, or settle scores. I got all these guys together and supervised a session. It was a contentious event, with each guy vying to put his personal stamp on the tracks that would be released under my name.  I am pleased that the Internet figured out this thing: that boys make my music.

Can you tell us about some of your earliest influences that could be attributed to your sound?

Wigs were an important force in my life as a child, and wig play continues to be a large part of my music process today.  I have a large collection of wigs, and the variety allows me to assign a different wig for each kind of “vibe” I am trying to achieve with a track.  I put on a certain wig to get deep into the development of a track aligned with that wig’s personality.  

You have spoken in the past of your interest in occult thinking, and finding out how you might channel different energies. This interest is evident in your music. Can you tell us a little about the energy or response you are creating with your latest releases? 

Luke was working at a car wash. Or rather he was performing onstage, with the car wash as the stage set, the suds the backup singers. A Russian hacker pal I know in real life helped me gain access to backstage with a device disguised as a McDonald’s apple pie. This was a dream, and picking apart the meaning of a dream like this helps me give myself advice.  Recently,  Keith Haring’s journals have become a source of life guidance for me as well.



Luke Wyatt A.K.A Torn Hawk

There aren’t many producers in electronic music at the moment who release both musical and visual work with the same vigour as you. What’s a typical day in the life of Luke Wyatt like?

I have a rant journal,  and most days I write in my rant journal. Sometimes I include rants I admire by other people. Here is one I overheard at dinner a few days ago: "Music is too tasteful today, too savvy, too timely, NPR grad-school thoughtfulness that is actually not true thoughtfulness, made by blog-educated Boomkat scrollers absorbing all the right cues and spitting them back out with nice looking, slick but empty record covers. The world needs more bad, risky music made by people who don't know what they are doing."  

Do you view the video art and music as parallel platforms for expression, or are they separate entities acutely matched? Does one theme or feeling get channeled into one, and one into the other?

A movie has sounds and things to look at, a meal has scent and things you taste with your mouth. 

Can you tell us a little bit about your background, has art always been the primary focus with music coming later and how are the creative processes for each medium different?

I had a band called Windtalkers until the Nicolas Cage movie came out, and then the lawsuit over the name ate a decade of my life. I made a lot of friends along the way though— Nic is a “gentle soul”. When people die and are described, in remembrance, as “gentle souls” on TWITTER I want to move far, far away from the origin of these kind of digital events (rich cities). Oh, that guy died, have intern tweet generic tribute.

What do you find most interesting about Xosar’s work?

I admire her resiliency in the face of the Internet-undertow/dilution of purpose. 

Can you tell us a little about some of the projects you are currently working on? Both collaborative and solo?

Xosar and Torn Hawk have a collaborative project called Body Tools and their first 12” will be released sometime this summer on Torn Hawk's label Valcrond Video.  

Xosar just released her album “Let Go” on Opal Tapes. Torn Hawk’s latest album “Let’s Cry and Do Pushups At The Same Time” was released late last year on Mexican Summer.

Xosar will be performing at Sonar in June accompanied by Torn Hawk's live video set up.

Xosar is developing a platform for her visual and aural expression that is completely under her own control. More news on that soon!


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