REWIND : Covco & Klein


The other week we had a party and we were blessed with a special visit from London-  Klein & Covco are two very different Londoners. What they share is a mad amount of talent and both have good stories to tell. Read on and listen back to the incredible radio show they recorded while they were here:



BCR: Thank you for this outer worldly performance, you blew my mind! I love the way you use your voice and the slowed down chanting can you talk a bit about what are you doing when you play live and how you use your voice?

Klein: ahh thank you. the show was soo fun you know but regarding my vocals for this recent show i borrowed laurel halo's vocal effects pedal, it was soo dumb. it was literally touch screen, i was lowkey dying because i felt like britney spears, it even had autotune.

We were all really into your cowboy hat and denim look, did you ever find country music inspiring or wanted to do your own take on it?

you know what, country music can be a bit dead sometimes but do you know who i love...its kacey musgraves, she's too lit, her writing is amazing and she really makes country music very relatable for someone as basic as me.

Where in London do you live?

SOUTH hold tight lewisham massive

Why are fizzy drinks better than still drinks?


What’s your favorite youtube video?

Would you ever order a grapefruit for brunch?

no but i know a boy who would *coughs* philiiiiiiippppppppppppp


What have you got coming up this Summer?

more jist

more shows

more videos

just more

i also really need sign my disney contract.

COVCO also made a killer mix for BCR before the party which you can stream below:

BCR: Thanks for coming through and murdering the dancefloor at OHM ! Can we also talk about your mix you did for us and the radio show you did before the party?

Covco: So let's talk about the first mix i did for you, i was in a good place, I think it was

sunny day, feeling absolutely fresh - so the mood was high & that's what i put in the show all through out! the groovy/club 160bpm selections really reflected that i'm sure.

compare to the show i did with Klein

(I absolute loved everything about that show & day, the Prosseco put an extra fine taste to the day also, merci for that) the selections were more cheekier & the choice/style of mixing was also slightly different than usual & that's all due to the mood, which is what decides the route of the vibe i create for that hour(s)/session.

I'm an individual who really bases my actions

stongly off of mood which is why i don't always believe in preparing for shows just because i like to zone in how i'm genuinely feeling at that second, moment, minute,

but also aware of what i feel people should & would like the hear.


You seem to move easily between genres, yet there is a palpable connection throughout, whether you play footwork, dubstep, grime or dnb, what decides whether you like tracks and choose to play them- is it the mood, the bass lines or the vibrations?

The palpable connection throughout

really comes from sound inspiration,

the sounds i remember growing up

Listening to which of course it's

jungle, dnb, funk , grime & trance

atmospheric music, hip hop/instrumentals 90s funk & soul which I like to fuse in

all ways whether the tempo is upbeat

or ready to tuck you in your bed peace.

especially if the baseline/vibration patterns up with how I'm feeling then it's a win for myself & the listeners.


How do you look for music?

How i look for music , if i said I don't

look for music the music looks for me -

Would you believe me ?!


Where in London do you live?

East side of that London is where

i am currently living.


What’s your favorite youtube video?

Favourite YouTube channel -

There's a few but of the top of my head

Arca 'thievery' or Saint Pepsi 'enjoy yourself'


Talk a bit about your NTS show- is it monthly, what sort of direction do you usually take when going in the studio?

im like one of newest plants of NTS

but it's really feeling like home,

there's just so much inspiration there

, always has been so for that it kinda

opens me up to taking my show to a

Direction where it's just off the top of

my brain, like sculpting energy/waves

into something beautiful, I'd like it to be

very natural & as time goes it really

Paints a picture of who i am as a person

through sound - so my show is now bi-weekly - Thursday 5-6 stay locked stay vibing. love.


Can we talk about your style since its such defined one, you actually make some of your amazing leather outfits, is that right? Can you share the link?

my style i genuinely have tried to pin point

my style & where it comes from but it crosses the worlds 90s chick vanity 6 to 'trinity' matrix which possibly explains the

love for leather, most recently ive been wearing a few leather & silk numbers of my own creations which eventually will become more of just a wardrobe line for myself but an open brand for you & i.


Summer plans?

Summer, what i have planned for the summer - spending a great amount of

time experimenting in prep for the new year,

Traveling , collecting stones/ crystals across the city & wherever i go - a honey is also playing Outlook Festival this year so that should be something to remember & to write in my diary about - dancing on bar tables with my favourite girlfriends. i mean there's a lot of plans, as long as the summer feels like never-ending movie, the levels of spontaneous is high & i've found more of myself then that sounds like a gorgeous summer no ?!


Lets talk about food, can you tell us your Doner story :) Also can you tell us how is life without ketchup and mayonnaise ?

My doner kebab story exclusive on BCR REWIND

one summer of childhood my papa spoiled

me literally everyday with a lamb/chicken doner kebab mostly lamb (this was a summer spent in heaven) - you can imagine

the extra salad, extra chilli, loads of Red cabbage & cucumber with drizzle of either

chill or yogurt & mint sometimes mix but it was a bit too overwhelming.

i would have friends & family literally side eyeing me, just because they thought i was the chosen child, constantly being groomed with doner kebabs. so it got to the last week of summer which meant the last few kebabs till the next time so my family joined me on my kebab feast & as i was eating a tear ran down my face , I froze & spat the kebab out my mouth repetitively in show saying 'the lamb' i actually had an epiphany - I think like sent me back to the beginning stages of the

the lamb doner - i trust vegetarian for about   

2days & as we speak the temptation for a well seasoned kebab with fresh salad & an ice tea is high! Thanks & that was the first series of Cõvco's epiphany.


So yes if you know me you know I have a phobia for Ketchup & mayonnaise, never state your weakness. Life is beautiful without

those two basic sauces indeed & i'm more than living a good life with mustard & a wide selection of peri peri sauce. You should convert , live a purer life & dine with me. yes?!


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