The latest release release from local experimental house label Allergy Season is a meeting of minds of two of our good friends, Daniel Fisher, host of the monthly Allergy Season show and Allergy Season Label head, and Matt Draveng, who, amongst his numerous creative credits, is responsible for the video flyers advertising BCR's monthly parties. September 22nd will see Matt releasing The Dubious Smink, an EP of elastic jacking techno and we are very excited to be reviewing it! 

Producing tracks simply as Draveng, Matt has channelled a huge amount of energy into The Dubious Smink, assembling 6 tracks (two of which are digital only) that, while perfect for the most serious dancefloors, still have a sense of fun and adventure.

The A-side comprises of the tracks Dubious Smink and Flex Fit. Dubious Smink is a nicely stripped back drum machine jam that bounces along with a real lighthearted quality. Flex Fit is built on a high velocity drum loop and a squelchy pseudo-acid bass that defies easy categorisation. On the B-side are two darker tracks; Draveng's original version of For Thin Soles and a remix from J. Tijn. Both feature detailed percussion and heavy low end, J. Tijns stomping remix satisfyingly balancing out the dark ambience of the original.

Omitted from the vinyl release are Smink's Rusty Tool and Sminks Anthem, two tracks loosely based on the title track of the EP but that stand up in their own right. These digital only tracks ought to be enough to get most vinyl purists to download a copy to compliment their 12".

Listen to the preview below to see why we love this release so much:

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