BCR will close down and stop broadcasting February 5th 2019. It is with heavy heart that we came to this decision, but we reached a dead end and spirits have fallen low after losing all funding in 2018. We realize for many this comes as a shock and surprise but unfortunately as it is, BCR is not a sustainable model.  Please believe us that we have tried every angle and left no stone unturned but we exhausted all options. Maybe, this just was a beautiful dream - for BCR to be what it has been and survive this long! Our team and ourselves put years worth of unpaid work and had to rely on free labor from our volunteers, contributors, programmers/ developers, graphic designers, video makers, hoping things will get better with time, but we simply do not believe this is how things should be done. There is only so far you can go on enthusiasm and believing in what you do. How far? Almost six years for us! We expect some people to suggest we set up a Kickstarter or Patreon, but please understand that these would still require a huge amount of work from our side and the station has been in need of substantial injection of money for a while now, not just operating costs that could potentially be gathered by the community around it. It's time to say goodbye. 

Thank you so much for all the time, energy, love and support throughout. BCR is all of you. Some things are not meant to be forever. Let's celebrate what we accomplished over the past years and hope BCR will survive in the memories of everyone who helped, created, hosted and listened! 


Lots of Love Anastazja & Sarah   

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