Every week we're going to be asking diferent hosts what their track of the moment is and here are the first picks from Blackest Ever Black, Physical Therapy and YYAA:


Blackest Ever Black: Richard & Linda Thompson - Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed? (Hannibal, 1982) The Thompsons' unfuckwithable I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight LP is reissued this month, but for me its 1982 successor Shoot Out The Lights is the one...see especially the perfectly bruised, paranoid 'Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?' - Richard's guitar part is godlike, somehow combining folk-rock lushness with freeze-dried post-punk minimalism. Total classic.

Physical Therapy: Technique - Take Me To Your World (Nite Grooves, 1995) 1995 r & b house vibes out of NYC. I found this one on an old DJ Pierre mixtape. It doesn't get better for overheated Summer nights. I think these lyrics sufciently prove it's worth your 99 cents: "Bound me and chain me into love. Prolong my life, keep me on the respirator of love. Drown me in love. Choke me in love. Kill me with love."

YYAA: Brianbrianbrian - Land Song Sometimes it is hard to tell what is real and what is not, sometimes you just have to trust your emotions and give in to the rush of feelings.

+ this is my back up - Corona The Rhythm of the Night


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