BCR: Please name three most important to you atm color + texture combinations in order of importance.


ML: Moss + Mohair

Stained yellow + Silk Dupion

Chocolate + Chocolate  


BCR: You recently opened a show at Berlin's Mathew Gallery called Bouvier's Bedroom. Who's Bouvier? Why did Anna Sophie Berger had to tell you what to do?


ML: Bouvier is a once wealthy lady who has forgotten taste because of the easy ability to slip out of societal circles and cultural cachet.


Anna-Sophie Berger performed 'Tell me what to do' with me to stage our relationship between organiser and artist, space and body, friend and actor, Mathew and Centre for Style.


BCR: What will the new black be?


ML: I honestly can never answer that question.


BCR: What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think : Berlin style?


ML: Public transport ticket inspector look.


BCR: Describe the Fashion Show of your dreams : Who's the designer, who's the model, location and who's sitting front row and what's the soundtrack?

ML: X-Girl, Fran Lebowitz, my kitchen, Kim Cattrall, Meredith Monk.

by AF 

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