Call Dibs is the brainchild of Hunni'd Jaws and Dis Fig, an insatiable dance music nerd duo from Brooklyn, NYC, who are inspired by the mysterious candy banana runts. Like the unanimously shunned & shocking candy, they are fearless outsiders embracing cold concrete meets hyperspace textures of club construction bass music and beyond. Their ethereal and wildly percussive club selections are rooted in explorations of underground street culture, soundsystem, tropical rhythms, and the depth of virtual vibes. They showcase the outer limits of dance music genre and spellbinding beats. To "call dibs" is to know and claim what's really good. They embody that ethic to the fullest so much they called dibs on "Call Dibs"... to call dibs!

Catch their latest digs, blends and dibs once a month on Thursday from 6-8pm CET.

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