Another great week with brand new shows and lots of specials! Via App came through on Easter Monday, while Jesse Osborne-Lanthier was back and 'Component' premiered, PLUS Jamie Tiller (Music From Memory) w/ JM Moser, Chunky, Don't DJ and Perila all in the booth. Here's our Best In Show for this Springtime Sunday:

Via App presenting some unreleased jams with special guest Bobby Maracuja introducing:

Philip FM w/ Jesse Osborne-Lanthier. Full tracklist here feat. Amesia Scanner, Chino Amobi, Pan Daijing and more:

Perlia with your ultimate warm & smooth house session for the sun:

Don't DJ - "spanning outsider electronics from Chris & Cosey, kraut rhythms from Wolf Müller and some laidback pan pip moods" (FACTmag mix of the week)

Just before their monthly night at Ohm (actually last week :)), Orson was back to present Version w/ special guest Chunky... listen back for deep shades of bass:

Two blissful hours of JM Moser + Jamie Tiller: 

Beautiful experimental + ambient live jam session - Component #1:

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