This year BCR partnered with Open Port Club for an inter-city exchange project connecting Berlin and Sapporo through music! Sapporo, located in the northernmost part of Japan, is a city that nurtures various forms of cultural and artistic creativity and the exchange aimed to invigorate music scenes and artists from the city. As well as hosting a series of Open Port Club radio shows on BCR, we came together to work on a residency programme.

Three artists took part in the residency. Jessica Ekomane was chosen from our BCR Incubator programme, and Lyra Pramuk who is also based in Berlin and Why She?, an artist from Hokkaido, were selected from an open call. They each stayed in Sapporo for 10 days from August 30th to collaborate and work on their music production.

During their stay in Sapporo the artists had access to the Geimori Recording Studio, which is one of the best in Japan, and there was a programme advisor - Kuniyuki - available to help and talk about their work. 

At the end of their stay, each artist performed live at the Mirai.St cafe and kitchen, and they also each performed live for Dommune - the first live streaming channel in Japan with live video!

This week you can tune into Berlin Community Radio to listen to three separate radio shows created by each resident reflecting and inspired by their experience in Japan:

Wednesday 13th December 12-1pm: Jessica Ekomane

Thursday 14th December 12-1pm: Lyra

Friday 15th December 12-1pm: Why She?





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