BCR is a media partner with CTM for the 2017 festival “FEAR ANGER LOVE,” bringing an on-air lineup of the festival’s performers, artists, and DJs. From the NON Worldwide collective to Chicago’s Traxman, stay tuned for the uncompressed sounds and emotions of CTM.


January 25

5-7 pm Pan Daijing

Hear Pan before her abrasive live performance at HAU2 on February 3.

January 26

1-2 pm DJ Lady Lane

DJ Lady Lane will play Saturday, January 28 at Prince Charles, and again as part of NON’s “The Great Disappointment” at HAU2 the next day.

12-1 pm Embaci and Bonaventure

Brooklyn singer and NON member Embaci will join Traxman and DJ Lady Lane for “Activation” at Prince Charles.

January 27

3-4 pm Traxman

Chicago footwork legend Traxman will play the opening weekend at “Activation” at Prince Charles on February 2.

January 28

7-8 pm Sami Baha

On Young Turkish producer Sami Baha is live at Prince Charles.

January 31

3-4 pm Bill Kouligas

PAN’s Bill Kouligas will join CTM Preglow on Jan 25, in addition to a number of appearances throughout the festival.

5-6 pm DJ Stingray

He will play as part of “Disturbance” at Berghain on February 2.

February 1

3-4 pm Nkisi

Listen in for NON co-founder Nkisi’s set and see her perform at Panorama Bar on January 4.

February 2

1-2 pm Ligia Lewis

Ligia Lewis is the choreographer behind NON Collective’s “The Great Disappointment.”

4-5 pm Mechatok

Later that night Mechatok and mobilegirl will bring STAYCORE to Panorma Bar.

5-6 pm mobilegirl

Hear mobilegirl before she heads to Panorama Bar with Mechatok.

8-9 pm Endgame

Endgame is also at Panorma Bar that night.

February 3

4-5 pm Umfang

On February 3, DISCWOMAN’s Umfang is at Panorma Bar.

February 4

Moor Mother

Moor Mother is bringing her afrofuturism to Berlin February 2 at Berghain.

5-6 pm Lorenzo Senni

Lorenzo Senni, the Milan-based composer will bring his reimagined dance music to Berghain February 3.



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