This one goes out to my fellow latex and vinyl loving ladies, the Spring 2015 is all about rain proof & the sex appeal of turtlenecks and features the wonderful FORFEX Italy, the shoe makers of my wet dreams. 

1. Boots Forfex 

2. Hat ACNE Studios

3. Baby G Watch

4. Wood Wood Dress 

5. Latex Skirt MEAT UK

6. Vintage Fluffy Top Calypt Berlin

7. LUNA Turtleneck PAM

8. Vintage Graphic Turtleneck Calypt Berlin

9. Boots Forfex 

10. Aries Arise Pants 

11. Oakleys

12. Vintage Vinyl Jacket 

13. Johanna F. Schneider x NikeLab Top

14. Boots Forfex 


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