BCR Incubator presents: RUI HO !

Rui HO is the third artist to take part in the BCR Incubator programme. They are a non-

binary music producer/DJ from China who recently relocated to Berlin, and has

played at local festivals Yo! Sissy Music Festival and Reclaim the Beats, two

festivals with a particular focus on black, POC and queer artists. Rui Ho’s music is

a mix between modern electronic club music and traditional Chinese musical

soundscape with a focus on cyber identity as well as deconstructive and emotive

internet music.

Genome 6.66 mbp, the first electronic music label run by a woman from mainland

China, is working with BCR to release a new single by Rui HO. ‘Ru Meng Ling’

focuses on female identity and LiQingzhao, the poet who wrote the poem Ru Meng

Ling and is the inspiration and source material for this track, is the most famous

female poet in ancient Chinese history.

All the promotion of the label Genome 6.66 mbp and releases are based online,

with regular parties run locally in China. Tavi Lee, who made the artwork for the

release, is an amazing visual artist who has worked with Creamcake, Stocky71,


As a part of Incubator project, the debut release got remixed by Danish producer Why Be and premiered on Thump US. Get both tracks for free download HERE!

Get to know Rui's influences and listen to hours of gems and new club sounds explored throughout the month long radio residency below:

Special thanks to Musicboard Berlin for helping make this project happen, Handwerk Audio and Ableton for their support.  

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Photography Tonje Thilesen, Video by Philip Diep. 

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