BCR INCUBATOR proudly presents NaEE RoBErts - ELAPSED 

NaEE RoBErts - ELAPSED NaEE RoBErts is the musical project of Norwegian multidisciplinary artist Sandra Mujinga. The music is characterised by intense explorations of synthesised landscapes, combined with vocals that sometimes seem on the verge of disappearing, other times on at the edge of breaking, either from emotion or from external manipulation. The structure of many of the songs are characterised by Mujinga’s concern with narratives, and often hosts multiple syncopated narratives at once. The lyrics, while at a glance simple, reveal an acute interest in language, and how the generalised language of pop music can be molded to refer to something outside the human experience. In this new release Mujinga sings sorrowful heartbroken lyrics in Lingala, her mother tongue, over subdued but gritty synths, that over the course of the song evolve into hopeful, even joyous, melodies. These are contrasted by an opposite movement in the vocals that start out as expressing tenderness, but is gradually transformed electronically into a menacing presence. The heartbreak of the song is as much the heartbreak of losing one self, as that of losing another, but also embraces heartbreak and lost love as transformation rather than loss and disappearance. Transforming into something other to oneself, in order to be able to enounter oneself. ELAPSED by NaEE RoBErts, is written and performed by Sandra Mujinga The music video is directed by Sandra Mujinga, and features Felicite Muhozi and Christèle Mapuku. Photography Elsa Kostic 






BCR Incubator was a project funded by Musicboard Berlin in 2016 & 2017. Huge thanks and love to ABLETON for supporting the project!

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