Jessica Ekomane unveils « Common Fate » with remix by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier Jessica Ekomane releases « Common Fate », marking the end of her Berlin Community Radio [INCUBATOR] residency as the radio announces its closing. The track is accompanied of a video by German visual artist Kathrin Hunze and a freely downloadable remix by Montréal-based multidisciplinary artist, designer, producer, musician, art director and curator Jesse-Osborne Lanthier. The latter is known for his releases on labels such as Raster-Noton, Halcyon Veil and Where To Now? and his collaborations with Grischa Lichtenberger or Femminielli. He’s also the co-founder of H Studios, a Montréal-based multimedia design studio, and is heavily involved as an artist, designer and curator in the record label / art collective Halcyon Veil. Jessica Ekomane is part of the Shape roaster of artists for 2019. A French-born and Berlin-based sound artist and electronic musician, her practice unfolds around live performances and installations. Her acclaimed immersive quadraphonic performances , characterized by their 1 physical affect, seek a cathartic effect through the interplay of psychoacoustics, the perception of rhythmic structures and the interchange of noise and melody. 2019 will see the release of her first LP via Important Records. The polyrhythmic modulations of sine waves frequencies in « Common Fate » create illusory melodies interweaving with each other and at time provoking psychoacoustic effects. Jesse Osborne-Lanthier’s remix is a total reconstruction of the original track. It shows Lanthier’s versatility and prolificity as a remixer and producer, with otherwise 7 releases slated for 2019, including a 80-min double solo LP for Halcyon Veil and a double LP release with Grischa Lichtenberger on Haunter Records. The 3D animated video by visual artist Kathrin Hunze is a minimal and abstract interpretation of the track’s slow build-up through organic shapes evoking the formation of life, influenced by Hunze’s ongoing interest in natural sciences and genetics. « Common Fate » can be streamed and Lanthier’s remix downloaded on Soundcloud.



And listen back to Jessica Ekomane radio shows recorded during her residency at BCR below:



1« das klare Highlight an diesem unter dem Motto «Persist» laufenden Abend », Rückblick CTM- 1 Festival: Ambivalenz des Aufruhrs, Zweikommasieben, 07.02.2018: rueckblick-ctm-festival/

2« There is a future for electronic music and it is called Jessica Ekomane » (translation), Gonzo Circus, 13.12.2018: 






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