In this #exklusive feature, BCR caught up with London based grime rapper and occasional model Blaze Kidd. After pairing up with friends and producers Kami-Lo and Uli-K to produce what could be some of my favorite tracks of the summer “No Lo Siento” and “Angel” - songs that present a romantic and Hispanic influenced side to the grime rap movement- Blaze Kidd shows no sign of slowing down.  A feature on LOGO magazine as well as mixes for the London art collective Primitive London have put Blaze Kidd on the road to becoming a mainstay and big name player on the emerging London scene. We interviewed Blaze Kidd to know more about his main influences, moving to London, and dream collaborators.


BCR: How long have you been making music?

I only began sharing my music earlier this year but I've been recording for fun with friends for a couple of years.

BCR: Where does your interest in grime, particularly romantic grime, stem from?

When I first came to south London kids would be sharing Grime instrumentals via infrared/bluetooth on their phones.

My friends would freestyle over whatever grime riddim was about. That's how we first got into it.

The romantic grime ting just comes from the lyrics I write- they are sort of based on bachata themes; romance, heartbreak, loneliness etc...

BCR: How did you end up linking up with Uli-K and Kami-lo? How do they make you better as a rapper?

I met them back in '06- but we only start making music together last year.

the communication between us is real strong, artistically. with Lexxi too.

When they bring riddims I can just let the honest emotions bleed in to the tracks.  

BCR: Did you grow up in Brixton? What’s a side of the U.K. that you see that a lot of people don’t get the chance to see and experience?

When I first came to London I lived in Brixton but I'm now staying Peckham. Uli and Kami live together in Brixton which is where our studio is at, so I'm usually there working with them.

The ends I grew up in never really had a distinctly British vibe... Like the community is mostly latino and jamaican, we got our own vibe here. Not too sure what the UK is typically portrayed as. 

BCR: Worst gig/Best gig every played?

We did a performance a few weeks ago which got shut down / extremely messy. on some goofy shit smh

i don't know if that was the best or the worst.. but it was peak.

BCR: Do you have a favorite venue to play?

we got a spot in brixton, xperience. Lexxi puts on his Endless nights there, Krysaor did a couple nights too.

It's real squad/fam vibe.

BCR: This might be a little obvious but how did you come up with the name Blaze Kidd?

I didn't come up with it. The streets gave me this name.

BCR: Who do you want to direct your first music video?

I recently secretly dropped some virus video Uli and Kami made for my track Lento.

But I'm feeling Daniel Swan's work for real.

BCR: What’s your dream collaboration?

Block B

BCR: Any upcoming shows or new music we should expect?

the No Lo Siento remix is coming this month... featuring a very special guest ;)

and my mixtape is almost finished, so that should be dropping real soon.

Uli and Kami are producing it, with some very exclusive riddims by palmistry, ana caprix, endgame and the whole squad.


Mix for Logo Magazine
Blaze Kidd Soundcloud

Photographs by Sam Bayliss Ibram & Alis Pelleschi (for Logo Magazine) courtesy of Blaze Kidd, words by Mark Pieterson 

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