Ilja Karilampi is an artist and a radio show host of the weekly Downtown Ilja and he always gets us ready for the weekend, turning up at the studio every Friday afternoon at 2pm with some bad boy tunes. Earlier this Summer we went to see his show in a park near Ritterstrasse behind Kotti. All info we had from him was that he has found some ‘brick structure’. Following the maps in our electronic devices we  saw a crowd gathered in a strange brick square, decorated by posters by Ilja and his fellow Swede Max Ronnersjö. Ilja was hosting, pouring everyone drinks and showing us round this un-finished abandoned building turned temporary gallery space. The posters were white, printed with selection of logos, QR codes, photos and graphics, including the NEW RELEASES logo from BCR’s own vintage DJ magazine collection, which the show took its name from. The whole event was charming and strange and we can’t wait to see the part two which is coming up this week at Sandy Brown gallery in Schoneberg.




The show will include a series of neon motifs on aluminium panels

presented in UV light.


Opening Wednesday 17th September, 19-22 Uhr
Exhibition 18.09 - 11.10.2014

HD video & the mirror bar, Saturday 20th September, 20-22 Uhr


Listen to Downtown Ilja’s archives


*BCR is celebrating our first birthday on September 20th at a warehouse on Alt Stralau 4 with DJ sets from Ilja Karilampi, Physical Therapy, Lotic & many many more. 

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